What We're Looking For

Elsewhere on this site, we talk mostly about Rajah & Tann, and what we have to offer you. Here, we turn the tables and focus on what we look for in you, a potential new member of our team. 

 What We're Looking For
about doing a good job, about learning new things, about making a difference               
sharing our belief that worthwhile success can only be built on the firm foundations of integrity and fair dealing
not just for yourself, but for the firm; never satisfied with what you have achieved, and not afraid to aim high
and highly energetic, with that near-obsessive perfectionism that drives you to go the extra mile - or even further if necessary
not just a bright mind, but a decent, engaged human being; open-minded compassionate, and at home in the real world
Why do it this way when we could do it better?

At Rajah & Tann we have no time for arrogance or complacency. For us, staying at number one in our market depends on thinking and behaving like number two - always looking for ways to do things better, add more value, and raise the bar still higher.

So it's lucky that our people are - without exception- exceptional. We are 100% clear that they, and only they, make this firm what it is, and that everything we can achieve is down to them.