What We're Looking For

Elsewhere on this site, we talk mostly about Rajah & Tann, and what we have to offer you. Here, we turn the tables and focus on what we look for in you, a potential new member of our team. Wondering if you can measure up to our pretty demanding requirements? 
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Why do it this way when we could do it better?

Despite being a dominant force in the Singapore legal scene, at Rajah & Tann we have no time for arrogance or complacency. For us, staying at number one in our market depends on thinking and behaving like number two - always looking for ways to do things better, add more value, and raise the bar still higher.

So it's lucky that our people are - without exception- exceptional. We are 100% clear that they, and only they, make this firm what it is, and that everything we can achieve is down to them.

In assessing potential new members of our team, naturally we look for high levels of academic or professional achievement, and clear evidence of a talent that can be further developed with the right training.

But to make the grade at Rajah & Tann takes much more than just a good legal brain. To mention just of the personal qualities that matter to us, you'll need to be:

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about doing a good job, about learning new things, about making a difference               
sharing our belief that worthwhile success can only be built on the firm foundations of integrity and fair dealing
not just for yourself, but for the firm; never satisfied with what you have achieved, and not afraid to aim high
and highly energetic, with that near-obsessive perfectionism that drives you to go the extra mile - or even further if necessary
not just a bright mind, but a decent, engaged human being; open-minded compassionate, and at home in the real world

Yes, we know that's quite a daunting list of attributes; and, of course, you may feel that you are stronger in some areas than others. But if you can, at least tentatively, tick all of the boxes, then you may well have what it takes to become a vital and highly valued member of our team.