What makes Rajah & Tann a great place to build a brilliant legal career? You'll find lots of reasons if you spend a few minutes exploring this site. But if you pushed us really hard to give you just one - well, it's right there in the heading above. We love what we do.

We believe that, more than anything else, it's this that has enabled us to become one of Asia's most highly rated and dynamic law firms. If you share our belief that lasting success is built on passion, we hope you'll take the time to get to know Rajah & Tann better.

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On this site, we focus mainly on information for practice trainees. But we're always looking for outstanding lawyers who share our values, and who want to achieve more from their careers. If that sounds like you, please click here. You may also wish to visit the “about us” and “life at Rajah & Tann” pages on this site to find out more about Rajah & Tann.

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Please visit the internship page for information on the application process and feel free to browse the other sections on this site to learn more about us.