Our Values

At Rajah & Tann, we firmly believe that our ‘old-fashioned’ values make us better lawyers; that qualities such as fairness, integrity, generosity and compassion are critical in giving the firm a competitive advantage.

Why? Because we are absolutely clear that the successful practice of law is all about building relationships based on trust - with clients, within the firm, and in the wider world.

For our clients, it's all about dependability and loyalty. They know that when they come to Rajah & Tann with a challenging legal issue, they can depend on us to deliver what we promise; to provide balanced and honest advice; to play to win on their behalf, within the rules.

For our people, we're committed to providing a warm, friendly and supportive environment, in which each individual has every possible opportunity to achieve his or her full potential; in which diversity is valued and open communication encouraged; and in which people's right to a life outside work is respected.

As for the wider world, throughout the firm’s history, we have consistently worked to make a difference. Today, we provide our lawyers with the platform to serve society through pro bono and other corporate social responsibility initiatives we actively pursue and if you join us, we very much hope that, like most of our young lawyers, you'll throw yourself energetically into our pro bono work.

Rajah & Tann is committed to promoting equality and diversity in its policies, practices and procedures and in those areas in which it has influence. This applies to the firm’s dealings with our clients, our people and the wider world. No individual in the firm will be made to feel that they are being placed at a substantial disadvantage.