Applying for a Training Contract

Training Contract 2026

TC 2026 will give our trainees a meaningful opportunity to train in more than one practice area, with a focus on your allocated major seat.

Each application must be accompanied with the following information and documents:

  • A cover letter of no more than one page setting out:

    1. your preferred major seats (if any) and why you believe yourself to be suited to these areas;

    2. reasons why you believe yourself to be a unique proposition to Rajah & Tann Asia; and

    3. anything interesting about yourself which you would like the firm to know.

  • A curriculum vitae of no more than three pages setting out:

    1. contact details;

    2. academic history, awards and achievements;

    3. extra-curricular activities; and

    4. prior work experience.

  • A copy of your latest law school transcripts.

Please submit your application online:

LocalTC2021   OverseasTC2021


If we would like to interview you, we will usually reach out to you within one to two weeks of selection by our Recruitment Committee. We will nonetheless endeavour to inform all candidates of the outcome of their application within three to four weeks of your application. Please bear with us as our Recruitment Committee reviews every application thoroughly.